Anna Zilli

Senior Lecturer at University of Udine | Università degli Studi di Padova Provincia de Údine, Friul-Venecia Julia,
Universidad de Udine
My statement is: I CARE - it means to me that I have to work on the principles of social justice

Anna Zilli

  • Key Research Areas:
  • Labour Law, Non-discrimination Law, Gender studies, Equality, Healthcare
  • Industrial relations and Collective action

Significant contributions to the scientific community:

  • Author of the first Italian Code on on-discrimination Law
  • Author of 3 books and editor of 6 books on Labour Law, in comparison, international, and intersectional perspective
  • Editor of the first Italian Journal on Non-discrimination Law (EQUAL)

Objectives expected to achieve during the secondment period(s):

  • Research exchange in non-discrimination law and human rights, human development

Motivation to participate in the Horizon Europe project:

  • Research and dissemination on non-discrimination law and human rights
  • Enhancement of social justice

Expectations regarding their contribution to the project:

  • Improve knowledge and dissemination; women's empowerment