Patrizia Quattrocchi

Professor of Medical and Cultural Anthropology. Department of Humanities and Cultural Heritage.
Universidad de Udine


As women and as mothers, it is our duty to emphasize our competencies and skills in childbirth and to fight for our rights to demand respect for our own bio-psychosocial-cultural-spiritual and existential process of giving birth, which is both unique and miraculous.

Patrizia Quattrocchi

Expected Objectives during the assignment period:

The development of new skills and the exchange of experience through research activities, training, knowledge exchange and transfer, dissemination, and communication. Collaboration with a team of researchers and experienced experts in their respective fields, coming from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds, both academic and non-academic; as well as the production of materials and data collection.

Key Research Areas:

Maternal and reproductive health and policies, obstetric violence, gender health issues, intercultural health, qualitative methods in health research.

Significant Contributions to the Scientific Community:

Researching in the area of sexual and reproductive health, with a special interest in respectful childbirth and producing educational materials.

Expectations regarding your contribution to the project:

There is a need for a reassessment of policies, practices, and collective imagination surrounding childbirth, with a focus on a more physiological and respectful approach to the process.

Motivation to participate in the Horizon Europe project:

As a researcher, I contribute to the implementation of a maternal care model that is more respectful of the needs and expectations of mothers, babies, and families.